Rory McIlroy’s historic and record-breaking win at the US Open last Sunday is now being used by judges in Irish courts to get young offenders to reconsider their path in life. This week a schoolboy, who was given a suspended sentence for mugging, was told by the judge to this of McIlroy as an inspiration.

Having handed down a 10-month suspended sentence Judge Ann Ryan urged the teen to get the papers, read up on McIlroy’s win and try to use him as his inspiration for keeping the peace.



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David Saunders, now 19-years-old, from Cabra, Dublin was found guilty of stealing a cellphone and MP3 player form another teen last year. The victim had told the court that Saunders told his accomplice to “ask him nicely” for his belongs.

Saunders had 30 previous convictions and had served a custodial sentence according to the Irish Times reports. His previous offences had included motor theft, endangering traffic by throwing an object and criminal damage.

He told the court that he had been abusing sleeping tablets and that he had felt sorry for the victim and returned his wallet after it was also taken by his co-accused.