Irish TV news program anchor and veteran journalist Vincent Brown presented eight books with alleged proof that Martin McGuinness, Sinn Fein’s presidential candidate, was involved with the IRA long after 1974.

During the second presidential race debate, Browne accused McGuinness of lying about his membership in the terrorist organization.

On Tuesday night Browne said, “I have reported from Northern Ireland during my time as a journalist, justice ministers have said it, authors have said it, the gardai [Irish police] have said it, I know you were a member of the IRA, Martin, how can we all be so wrong?

"If people believe you are lying about this, how do they know you won't lie about a lot of things when you are elected President?"

McGuinness reiterated that the Irish people were not bothered about his involvement in the Irish Republican Army.


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He told the TV host, “I am not telling lies about a substantive issue in my life.”

Browne retorted "I know you are a member of the IRA Martin (I have been told) by several people including people who are very close to you, they spoke about you being a senior member of the IRA three, four, five years ago."

The debate also became heated between Fine Gael candidate Gay Mitchell and McGuinness. Mitchell said, “I also accept that Martin McGuinness contributed to the Peace Process, listen, we wouldn't have had the problem without them."

He also urged McGuinness to “stop shouting" during the debate.

Shortly after the debate McGuinness told the Evening Herald that Fine Gael were strategically trying to damage his presidential campaign.

He said “I think all they're doing is damaging themselves. We had these ridiculous statements that if I was elected President of Ireland that that would be a disincentive for multinationals in the United States…On the very day my candidacy was announced I was on Wall Street talking to executives on the New York Stock exchange."

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