Don't hold your breath. That's the message from Joseph P. Kennedy III, the 30-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, who wants to dampen speculation that he will one day take up the family mantle and run for office.

An assistant district attorney on Cape Cod, he's kept busy in court and has no plans to exchange that world for the corridors of Washington any time soon.

But, then again, his name is Joseph P. Kennedy III. When he gave a speech in the State House last month it earned him a standing ovation, and ignited speculation about his political future.

Let's face it, the loss of the irreplaceable Ted Kennedy was a body blow to the Democratic Party and the quest for a successor is very real.

Tall, photogenic and charismatic young Kennedys from Massachusetts will inevitably be seen as likely candidates.

The son of former Massachusetts congressman Joseph Kennedy II, the 30-year-old is a former Peace Corps volunteer and a graduate of Stanford University and Harvard Law School who insists he has no pressing political aspirations.

But in words to strike fear into the hearts of some conservatives he told the press this week:"Down the line, who knows?"

"Politics is in my family, and it’s definitely interesting, but at this point, I’m focused on my job."

How often have we seen that particular mixed message before a presidential run?