Joseph P. Kennedy III, son of former Congressman Joe Kennedy, may run for the vacant seat of Congressman Barney Frank who is stepping down.

He is the grandson of Robert Kennedy and grand nephew of JFK

Kennedy, 31, an Assistant DA in Middlesex County told the Boston Herald that he was considering it

“I just haven’t had the time to give it any thought, the type of careful consideration that it requires,”Kennedy said . “I’ve always thought politics is an honorable profession. It demands that you give it careful thought before you jump into it. When I get the time to do that, I’ll think about it, but we’re not there yet.”

Kennedy is seen as the one from the next generation of Kennedys who has definite political promise. 

“I think virtually everyone I know assumes at some point he’s going to be a candidate,” Democratic strategist Michael Goldman told the Herald.

“No question he’s incredibly articulate. His entrance in the race would change the dynamic dramatically. He’d be the only candidate with significant name recognition. ... The real question is: Is this the race that is a good place to run?”

Kennedy ruled out a run last year for the seat of former Congressman William Delahunt. The Frank seat, on the Cape is out of his own residence area

“He looked at the Cape seat. Why wouldn’t he take a look at it?” a source told The Herald. “If you built a perfect Kennedy, it would be Joe the 3rd. Harvard Law degree, Stanford, speaks fluent Spanish, good looking, nice guy, and he has all the political discipline of his uncle (the late U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy). He’s humble ... and he wants to serve.”