Sources close to Joseph P. Kennedy III suggest it is “looking more and more like” he will run for Congress this year.

Kennedy (31) is the grandson of the late Senator Robert F. Kennedy and son of the former U.S. Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he works in the Middlesex District Attorney's Office as a prosecutor.

Sources close to the Kennedy family told Rhode Island public radio that the Kennedy family have been organizing fund-raisers and that Kennedy “will have something more to say about his plans within a week or so”.
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He may took to run for the seat left open by the retirement of Barney Frank.

Speaking about a potential bid for Congress, Kennedy, the scion of the Kennedy clan, told the Boston Globe in November, “I haven’t had an opportunity to give it a whole lot of thought, but I will give it some thought in the coming days and weeks.’’

If he runs and wins Kennedy would put the family name back  on the national political stage. Since the death of Teddy and the retirement of his son, Patrick, there has been no Kennedy in any national office for the first time since 1946.