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Who could have imagined that the words 'Jon Stewart,' 'praise,' and 'Bill O'Reilly' would ever be mentioned in the same breath? Well nay-sayers, eat your hearts out. Merely a week after lambasting former Fox conservative pundit Glenn Beck on his primetime cable hit, Jon Stewart took to The Daily Show to address another familiar face on Fox this time only to sing the praises of Bill O'Reilly, a popular TV host in his own right on Fox's The O'Reilly Factor.

In a segment cryptically titled "Tales of Principled Behavior," Stewart criticized Republican Presidential hopeful and business honcho Donald Trump, former vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, and Representative Michele Bachmann for spreading doubts over Obama's place of birth. In reference to Trump's statement on The Today Show regarding personally funding a research team in Hawaii to prove his belief that Obama was not born in the United States, Stewart impersonated one of Trump's researchers by sardonically putting on a pair of sunglasses and drinking a cocktail, while speaking in an accent that sounded conspicuously similar to the cast of Jersey Shore.

Stewart then played a segment of The O'Reilly Factor in which O'Reilly countered any accusations about Obama's birthplace and birth certificate, concluding that "the President is a controversial guy...but he does deserve to be treated honestly does he not?" The camera then returned to Stewart who led the audience in applause and motioned tipping his cap, or yamaca as Stewart joked, to O'Reilly, a figure who he is more often than not at odds with. Although Stewart sarcastically lamented the exit of Glenn Beck from Fox, he certainly has a partner-in-crime in O'Reilly regardless of whether or not he agrees with him, as their reciprocality makes for great TV.

Read more: Jon Stewart slams Glenn Beck - VIDEO


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