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Jon Stewart attacked Congressman Peter King, on his Thursday night "Daily Show" for investigating Muslim terrorists although he supported the IRA in the past.

King launched hearings on radical Muslims in the United States on Thursday which question whether or not American Muslims are going enough to root out terrorism. In the past he also called for a full investigation into a downtown Manhattan mosque's funding and its Imam.

Stewart said he found it ironic that the Congressman had had "some hands on experience rooting for terrorists."

The host asked if King would be apologizing and resigning as chair of the House Homeland Security Committee now that his conflicting views are in the public domain. Stewart used NPR's Ron Schiller as an example. He resigned after he was caught bashing the Tea Party.

Stewart said  about King "Oh that's right! He's a Republican. They don't fold, they double down! 'Oh I see your charges of hypocrisy, and I raise you a go-f**k-yourself.'"

King had also said that the IRA did not have a policy of attacking civilians.  Stewart said "Maybe it wasn't their policy, but it sure seemed to become a hobby."

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