John Furlong, the former head of VANOC, has spoken out about the ‘disrespect’ suffered by his family following an article published last week accusing him of physical abuse of native students at a Burns Lake school where he was a volunteer teacher from 1969-1970.

The Tipperary native has also threatened to sue the Georgia Straight, the Vancouver weekly newspaper that published the piece, and Laura Robinson, the author of the article, according to the StarPhoenix.
Furlong said, ‘The past five days have been humiliating and demeaning beyond anything my family and I have ever experienced. My loved ones, both in Canada and in Ireland, have been subjected to scrutiny, sarcasm, disrespect and outrageous invasions of privacy.’

The current head of soccer team Vancouver Whitecaps F.C then went on to defend himself and question his accusers.

Speaking to The Province, Furlong said, ‘Robinson has contempt for me and male authority figures in sport’ going on to state that he could not wait for court to speak out against the accusations because of ‘her callousness and the damage inflicted.’

He then went on to state he fully intends to take this matter to court for a retraction, an apology and for financial compensation.

The Province reports that Robinson may also sue as she claims that her article was ‘very well researched’ with eight sworn affidavits from former Burns Lake students accusing Furlong of abuse.

She said, ‘Mr Furlong can write anything he wants. We live in that kind of country. My lawyer will be reading it.’

John FurlongGerry Kahrmann