News update / TMZ admits that JFK porno photo is a fake / Click here

Gossip site TMZ has crossed a line by showing a photograph from the 1950s purportedly showing naked women on a pleasure cruise with the late John F. Kennedy.

The gossip site rounded up numerous “experts” to say that the figure seen reclining while naked women jump off the side of the ship is undoubtedly John F. Kennedy.

And if my aunt had testicles, she'd be my uncle.

In this day and age, it is incredibly easy to put anyone anywhere in any compromising situation. It is even easier when the person is not around to defend themselves. Photoshop and other technologies allow the most blatant form of fake photography imaginable.

I'm not saying it is not John Kennedy in the photograph, but there would need an awful lot more evidence than what TMZ reports to convince me.

Even if it is, it shows a desperation and a brazenness that is new even for tabloid journalism. Dubious photos of a dead President from over 50 years ago prove exactly what?

What is next? Frankin Roosevelt naked in the White House with his mistress? Lyndon Johnson cavorting with Jackie Kennedy at his ranch in Texas?

The possibilities are endless. What most bothers me about the TMZ photo is that the figure of “Kennedy” is incredibly blurry and indistinct anyway. If the photo showed him in relative close-up, it might be a lot easier to defend.  But the blurry figure could be anyone from Kennedy to a Greek shipping tycoon, to Jackie Kennedy, for all we know.

Years ago,Soviet dictator Josef Stalin would just crop party members he had executed out of photographs. Nowadays they would be Photoshopped so that they never existed at all.

Let John F. Kennedy and his extraordinary life be.

Up next: I look forward to TMZ's exclusive of Abraham Lincoln cavorting with a black female slave.  So that explains emancipation.