Stop Kennedy Smears is the name of the website devoted to preventing the production of the History Channel’s new miniseries which examines the rise of the Kennedy dynasty. The website describes the script for the miniseries as a “right-wing character assassination, not history."

Despite being in its early stage of development the series has already been the subject of controversy with some reviewers insisting the scripts focus too much on the sexual exploits and not enough on the Kennedy’s rise to power. Some critics described it as being “light on documentary and heavy on drama.”

The eight-hour miniseries features actor Rob Kinnear in the role of JFK. An Oscar nominee for his role in “As Good as It Gets”, Kinnear has sharpened up his image for his depiction of the iconic president. Katie Holmes features opposite Kinnear in the role of former first lady.

The miniseries is currently being filmed in Cobourg Canada and is set to be broadcast on the History Channel in 2011. It is being produced by “24” creator, Joel Surnow.