The White House has unveiled a 2020 Christmas ornament honoring John F. Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States. 

Each year, the White House Historical Association (WHHA) commemorates the legacy of an American president by designing a unique Christmas ornament. The tradition has been running since 1981. 

A video released by the WHHA explained why Kennedy was being honored this Christmas. 

"John F. Kennedy campaigned on a profound sense of optimism. This year we are honored to commemorate president Kennedy and his legacy." 

The video chronicles Kennedy's achievements in both domestic and foreign affairs as Cold War and civil rights tensions mounted during his presidency. 

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Kennedy's youth and energy inspired a nation, according to the WHHA, and his optimism "encouraged Americans to take pride in their achievements and commit to public service." 

The ornament features a portrait of the former president by artist Aaron Shikler Kennedy is illustrated with his arms folded and his head down in a contemplative pose. 

Announcing the Official 2020 White House Christmas Ornament, commemorating President John F. Kennedy.

The 40th annual ornament recognizes the contributions of the Kennedys in restoring the White House and making it accessible for future generations:

— White House History (@WhiteHouseHstry) February 17, 2020

Meanwhile, the back of the ornament features a quote from his wife, Jacqueline  Kennedy, who said that “The White House belongs to the American People.”

Jacqueline Kennedy actually set up the WHHA while serving as First Lady in 1961 to "preserve the historic aspects of the White House and to acquire art and furniture that represented the American experience,” according to WHHA representative Lindsay Chervinsky. 

The ornament is produced by a small business that is family-run and veteran-founded, Chervinsky said. The proceeds from the ornament help to fund education and history programs that teach teachers and students across the country about the history of the White House. 

The ornaments are available to buy for $24.99 and are on sale now. 

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