The latest Kenndey to join the political fray says he is ready for the battle.

Joe 3, as Joe Kennedy III is widely known, is definitely moving to the 4th Congressional district in Massachusetts to fight for Barney Frank’s old seat in Novemebr.

“I’m excited for what’s next,” Kennedy, 31, told the Boston Herald. “To be able to get out and explore a potential candidacy ... I’m going to take some time to get across the district and try to talk to people and listen to their concerns and see if I can do what it takes to put together a candidacy in what I expect to be a very competitive primary, then hopefully a general election.”

Kennedy, a lawyer, has been a prosecutor in Middlesex County but he finished up that job on Friday last.



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“It’s been an absolute honor to work for District Attorney Leone, the people of Middlesex County and all of my co-workers here at the office. They are some of the most dedicated public servants I’ve ever come across and I’m definitely sad to see this phase end.”

He currently lives with his mother in Cambridge, which is not in the congressiional district, but he soon plans to move into an apartment in Brookline.

“I’m finishing up at my mother’s place in Cambridge, which is right near the court here, and I’m moving over to Brookline,” he said.

Kennedy has Governor Patrick Deval’s former spokesman Kyle Sullivan working for him. He already has two opponents on the Democratic side for the nomination for the redrawn district.

On the Republican side, Sean Bielat, who lost to Frank in 2010 in a close race, will be favorite.

Since the death of Ted Kenendy and retirement of his son, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, there has been no Kennedy in national office for the first time since John F. Kennedy first won his seat in Congress in 1946.

Joe III's father Joe Junior served in the US House. Joe III is a grandson of Robert Kennedy.

Joseph P. Kennedy III, the son of former Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy II and a grandson of the late Robert F. Kennedy.AP Photo/Elise Amendola