A Dublin dole office has banned pyjama wearing by social welfare recipients and job seekers.

The decision by officials at the Damastown office has sparked massive interest worldwide.

BBC Radio carried a special report on the issue this week after officers deemed that pyjamas, common attire in inner-city Dublin, are not suitable for interviewees seeking benefit.

A directive from the Damastown social welfare office warns claimants: “Pyjamas are not regarded as appropriate attire when attending Community Welfare Service at these offices.”

The presiding officer at the dole centre made the decision after a number of complaints.
A school in Belfast and a Tesco store in Wales have issued similar bans.

Image consultant Billy Dickson told the BBC that he supports the ban at the Dublin social welfare office.


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“There is a psychological aspect and pyjamas are associated with sleeping at night and comfort in the home,” he said 

“You have to get into the mindset of what you are doing that day. So if you are wanting to get a job, go dressed prepared to get a job.

“However there is always a contrary argument. The fashion houses of Paris and Milan have gone into servicing in this area.

“I have witnessed people walking around Mayfair in London in their pyjamas.”

Columnist Joan Birnie argued: “Night wear should only be worn in the house.”

She added: “It’s slovenly, it’s wrong - pyjamas are for wearing to bed. They are definitely not for outside wear.”

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