The young Irish man who became known as “Jobless Paddy” has finally nabbed himself a new job.

Feilim Mac an Iomaire made global headlines three weeks ago when he used all his savings to pay for a billboard that read “Save me from emigration” on a busy Dublin highway.

The ad showed Mac an Iomaire standing on a seashore with a suitcase in hand looking out to the horizon, which featured such well known landmarks as Sydney Opera House and Statue of Liberty.

Following his campaign, the 26-year-old Galway man received more than 20 job interviews and five job offers.

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This week he signed a six-month contract with Paddy Power bookmakers as a communications executive.

Speaking about his new role, he said he was satisfied he had made the right decision.

“There were other offers coming in, but they were really understanding in terms of giving me the time to mull over everything,” he told

“They gave me enough time after the offer to go to other interviews, which was a big thing for me, and a few other offers turned my head but none as much as this.

“There was more money elsewhere, but the opportunity to work with people in here… I definitely couldn’t turn it down.

The marketing graduate, from Connemara had been unemployed since last August after returning from a year in Australia.

Feilim Mac An Iomaire is now the proud employee of Paddy Power bookmakersCollins Photos