The IDA, the state agency in Ireland tasked with creating new jobs, has told the government that it cannot meet its target of 100,000 jobs because of a lack of staff and resources.

In May, the IDA chairman, Liam O’Mahoney, wrote to Enterprise Minister Batt O’Keeffe, saying that staff cuts left the agency unable to act, according to the Irish Independent.

"Minister, on behalf of the IDA board, I cannot overstate the gravity and urgency of this situation," O’Mahoney wrote in the letter, which was writer after nearly nine months of efforts by the IDA to get extra staff.

"The current impasse will almost certainly lose FDI (foreign direct investment) for Ireland and result in the IDA being unable to meet its targets," he stated in the correspondence.

The letter written by Mr. O'Mahony was sent on behalf of IDA chief executive Barry O'Leary and the board of directors.

Mr. O'Keeffe responded to the letter in June, stating he was "aware of the difficulties faced by IDA Ireland, particularly in light of the key role entrusted to IDA Ireland and other enterprise development agencies in generating economic renewal".

"I can assure you that this matter is being pursued as a matter of the utmost urgency by my department.”

On Friday, however, the IDA confirmed there was still no agreement on staffing levels.

Mr. O'Keeffe's spokesman said that talks were continuing with the IDA on the staffing issue, but confirmed that an agreement had not been reached.