Pennsylvania native Colleen LaRose, who dubbed herself ‘Jihad Jane’ in a YouTube video, will receive her sentencing in Philadelphia in December. LaRose could be facing life in prison for her terroristic threats that she made while living in Ireland.

The Associated Press reports on LaRose’s sentencing, which will be announced on December 19th. LaRose admitted in 2009 to threatening to kill the Swedish artist Lars Vilks who offended Muslims by depicting the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog in 2007.

LaRose surrendered to her crimes upon her 2009 return to the US from Ireland. Her arrest was kept secret until several other people were rounded up months later.

Jamie Paulin-Ramirez of Leadville, CO and 18-year-old Mohammad Hassan Khalid of Ellicott City, MD, will be sentenced on November 30th. They each face up to 15 years for providing material aid to the Irish-based terror cell. Authorities say Paulin-Ramirez married a terror suspect in Ireland, and Khalid agreed to deliver a passport.

Saying that she was “desperate” to help the Muslim people, LaRose reportedly used several online accounts “to publish violent jihadist literature, raise cash for militants and to recruit men online," according to the New York Daily News.

48-year-old LaRose, who was living in Ireland at the time of her crimes, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to murder a foreign target and support terrorists and lying to the FBI. The murder plot was never carried out.

At the time of LaRose’s indictment, Assistant Attorney General David Kris said, "Today's indictment, which alleges that a woman from suburban America agreed to carry out murder overseas and to provide material support to terrorists, underscores the evolving nature of the threat we face.

"This case also demonstrates that terrorists are looking for Americans to join them in their cause, and it shatters any lingering thought that we can spot a terrorist based on appearance," Kris added.