Sweet-toothed history buffs can put a bid in for a cake decoration from President Kennedy's 45th birthday party.

The icing on the cake will be going under the hammer through Heritage Auctions on November 17th . According to the company’s online catalogue the relic is 10 inches in diameter and bears a presidential seal made entirely of frosting.

Since Kennedy's 45th birthday on May 19th 1962, the icing has been in the possession of Lois Larkin, whose husband New York Police Department Detective Patrick Larkin, was part of the security team at the event.

"I think that (Patty) was probably in and out of the kitchen a lot that night, as he probably escorted some of the stars in and out," said Mrs. Larkin.

"At the end of the night he saw that it was going to be thrown out and he told a worker he really liked it, and wondered if he could have it. The worker said, 'that's between (you) and the garbage,' and the rest is now really history."

The presidents 45th birthday bash was particularly iconic as Marilyn Monroe serenaded JFK with her infamous rendition of “Happy Birthday Mr President”. The party was held at Madison Square Garden and was attended by 15,000 people.

The cake itself was so large it required two men to carry it.

"I probably thought this would be nice to hold onto because it was such a memorable thing," Mrs. Larkin told Bloomberg. She has kept it stowed away in a cardboard box ever since.

It is not known how much money the confectionery creation will draw.

"There are not a lot of comparables for cake in the auction market," Kathleen Guzman of Heritage Auction Galleries told Bloomberg. But it carries a pre-auction estimate of  $5,000+.