New research has found the Jesus is at top of weekly rankings on Facebook while the Irish are the biggest users of the social networking website in Europe.

Although the overall numbers of users on Facebook are dropping the Irish are still amongst the busiest social networkers in Europe. A survey, carried out by Eurobarometer, showed that 68 percent of Irish people use Facebook. This is the fourth highest percentage in Europe.

Also this week the Christian Post has reported that Jesus-related Facebook pages continue to dominate “the unofficial Facebook resource page”.  Pages such as “Jesus Daily” (5,108,270 fans) and “The Bible” (7,015,719 fans) are still pulling higher figure that Hollywood stars according to the publication.

Mark Brown, founder of “The Bible” said Facebook has major potential for spread his message. “I want them to be here. What a wonderful opportunity. We don’t have to go out and find people asking questions about our faith; they’re coming to the page in droves.”


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“There are lots and lots of people who ask questions, some of them ask very challenging questions [and] some of them can be very rude. [But] at the heart of it, they’re struggling [or] ... they might just be having an intellectual exercise, having fun.”

Dr Aaron Tabor set up his page on the same year as Brown. His aim is “to help 50,000 people annually accept Christ as their personal Savior” on his “Jesus Daily” page. He told the Christian Post that in the last 10 days he has had “1,434 salvation decisions made” through the Facebook page.

Although these sites and the use of Facebook in Ireland continues to thrive the Eurobarometer reported that for the first time in its seven years Facebook has noted the number of people signing off for good has increased. In fact they have lost millions of users.

Jesus and the Irish get busy social networking on Facebook