The story about a young mother who failed to report her toddler daughter missing for an astounding 31 days is undoubtedly a juicy, irresistible story. One that might even be fit to appear on “The Jerry Springer Show” for a million dollars, as recent rumors have suggested. However, Jerry himself shut down these rumors with, "God as my witness, I would never interview her,” he told "You could pay me the million dollars, I wouldn't do it."

According to Mr. Springer, he doesn’t interview people who are already notorious, reported the NY Daily News. Casey’s bad rap was clearly too much for his show to take on.

This wasn’t the first time Casey’s been approached for publicity appearances. According to the Daily News, she was also approached by Steve Hisch, head of Vivid Entertainment, about potential work in a porno. This isn’t totally out of the blue; Casey’s party-girl attitude was showcased in her trial as the prosecutors way of labeling her as a bad mother.

Casey originally charged with first degree murder and aggravated child abuse, but due to lack of evidence, she was sentenced to four years in jail, minus what she’d already spent before the trial.


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