Jaunting carts - the ever-popular horse-drawn carts - have been banned from Ireland's Killarney national park in a row over horse diapers.

Jarveys, the people who drive the cars, have so far refused to use diapers to help prevent the horses from depositing mounds of dung on the park roadways.

The jarveys say that the diapers would unbalance the carriage and the horse, putting tourists at risk of spills.

However, the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) says their argument amounts to, well, a pile of horse dung.

THE NPWS says the 66 jarveys are out until they fit the quaintly-named "equine sanitary devices," on their carriages.

THE NPWS said it was forced to act because of the high volume of horses and the accompanying high volume of dung.

It said the vast majority of each year's 1 million visitors actually walked the roadways and they had received numerous complaints.

This is the latest attempt by the authority to force the jarveys to comply with the hygiene effort.

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