June 16 is Bloomsday, the international day which celebrates James Joyce’s book “Ulysses”. This year it will be marked by a project called “Ulysses Meets Twitter 2011”.

The project created by “Stephen from Baltimore”, according to the New York Times, invites Twitter users and devotees of Stephen Dedalus and Leopold and Molly Bloom, characters from “Ulysses”, to recreated the 265,000 word piece of literature through tweets within 24 hours.

They “Ulysses” fans will have to republish the novel in 140-character long bullets throughout the day of June 16 the day the odyssey through Dublin in James Joyce’s novel takes place.

Stephen, the man who came up with this idea has already asked “would it be horrific? Beatific? Hence this experiment.”

He is calling on an army of global-volunteers and those who love “Ulysses” to tweet on the @11ysses account. Each volunteer will choose a section from the 18 episodes and “then thoughtfully, soulfully, fancifully compose a series of 4-6 tweets to represent that section.”

Applications will be taken until May 30.

For more information visit 11ysses.wordpress.com.
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