Saying, “The gun law in America is absolutely crazy and out of control,” James Bond, AKA Irishman Pierce Brosnan, has turned against violence and thinks society is being deeply damaged by violence in films and video games.

In a startling interview in The Sun the bloodiest Bond of all admits he’s had it with movie violence and real violence.

During his time as 007 he killed 135 people in his movies and dispatched them in as many bloody ways as possible.

But now he shouts stop.

Brosnan has three sons, Sean, 29, Dylan, 16, and Paris, 12, and he has made it very clear to The Sun how strongly he feels about the dangers of screen violence to our children.

He said: “I do think the movies influence. I hate to say it, on our societies. And the games, which deal with killing, which our kids play these days, have a strong twisted effect. We don’t let those games in the house, but the boys do get them because they go to other kids’ homes.

“The kill ratio in movies is overwhelming and I never really took the violence in the Bond movies too seriously, the plot was not so real. We are a violent race without question and now what we can do with computer graphics is terrifying.”

Born in Ireland, where he lived until age 11, he says he feels a deep kinship with the Irish American city of Boston and was horrified by the marathon bombing.

“I have deep feelings on the issue. I am so connected to Boston being an Irishman, and now being an American citizen. It has a numbing effect on one’s senses and creates deep fear in our hearts and deep sorrow. We are somewhat powerless to do anything, but to extend our sympathy to the victims of such a tragedy and hope that mankind will come to its senses and stop killing each other.”

As a first step he  thinks “America has to ban citizens from owning rapid fire weapons."

Commenting on the gun  massacre at Newtown,Connecticut, he said: “Newtown is a horrendous tragedy, one which could have been avoided. Assault weapons should be banned without question and guns should be monitored. The gun law in Americais absolutely crazy and out of control.”

The Irish James Bond, Pierce Brosnan in a promo shot as 007Google Images