Caroline Kennedy has praised her mother and others who took part in oral history projects about the Kennedy era.

A new book about Jackie Kennedy and her thoughts on that time has shot to the top of the best seller charts.

“Their most important value is that they make history come alive. They give all of us a glimpse of the human side of the people serving in the White House and remind us that they're just as imperfect as the rest of us.”


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Speaking of her late mother, Kennedy stated: “She straddled two eras...The one she describes in her oral history — when women stayed home and had few opinions that differed from their husbands, and the coming age, when women broke free to become independent and self-sufficient — and she lived fully in both.”

Kennedy said her mother’s changes to the White House, modernizing it were a huge and brave step by her.

Many, including her husband, thought there would be strong critics but no such outcry ever happened.

Caroline thinks an oral history is a vital tool that helps later generations understand

“I think this is a wonderful way to connect the generations and transfer the values that are so important to all of us,” Kennedy said. “From one generation to the next.”

Jackie Kennedy - after President John F. Kennedy assassinated in 1963, 1.5 million condolence letters were sent to his young widow by citizens from all walks of life.