Jackie Kennedy had little time for John F. Kennedy’s close Irish friends and considered them very “bitter” about everyone else in the Kennedy inner circle.

In a new book "Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy,"  by  Kennedy aide and historian Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr written soon after Jack Kennedy was killed, she spoke out against the Irish Americans who surrounded her husband.

Speaking of those close to Kennedy she stated ‘there was the Irish Mafia... who now, some of them, at least from the Irish-- are just so bitter about everyone else. ”

She also considered remaking the menu so that the White House kitchen served French food rather than a traditional Irish dish, a major step-up she said.



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“French food is a plus instead of a minus-- that you don’t like , stay in a kitchen all day making Irish stew.” she noted.

She was also disdainful of Teddy Kennedy’s Irish style of political campaigning. "Jack never said ‘Hi Fella' or put his fat palm under your armpit , or any of that sort of business” she noted

She also stated that the Irish suffered from a persecution complex. “there seems to be all these Irish-- they always seem to have a persecution thing about them” she said.

She portrayed Kennedy as quite a devout Catholic.

Every night she said he’d "come in and kneel on the edge of the bed --cross himself  and say his prayers. -- it was just like a little childish mannerism,” she said.