Jack and Sophie have topped the charts as the most popular baby names in Ireland. It seems that parents in Ireland are no long opting for the more traditional Irish names with names such as Tyler, Sebastian and Alicia making an appearance.

"The Top 100 Baby Names" registered in Ireland, as recorded by the Central Statistics Office (CSO),  shows that very Irish names make it into the top ten for boys and girls alike. Sean only made it to number two and Conor at number four on the boys like however on the girls list the first Irish name is at number 10 with Aoife.

The top 100 list included some new entries including Daithi, Tyler, Sebastian and Alfie for boys and Lilly, Sofia and Alicia for girls.


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The CSO also took a look at the popularity of names from county to county in Ireland. They found that in Carlow the most popular girls names were Emily and Holly, in Limerick it was Ellie, in Galyway City Zuzanna, in Mayo it was Grace and in Cavan.

The name Alex, for a boy, was top of the charts in South Dublin and Limerick City. In Louth and Kerry Ryan was in the top spot while Galway parents preferred Conor and Michael.

Here's the full top ten lists for boys and girls names.

Top girls’ names in 2010:

1. Sophie
2. Emily
3. Emma
4. Sarah
5. Lucy
6. Ava
7. Grace
8. Chloe
9. Katie
10. Aoife

Top boys’ names in 2010:

1. Jack
2. Sean
3. Daniel
4. James
5. Conor
6. Ryan
7. Adam
8. Alex
9. Luke
10. Dylan


Jack and Sophie - top Irish baby names in Ireland in 2010