Italian astronaut, Luca Parmitano, the latest inhabitant of the International Space Station snapped a picture of Dublin from a rather wide-angle. Luca was a test pilot in the Italian Air Force and will be aboard the ISS for Expeditions 36 and 37.

While in orbit, Luca managed to wait until the clouds moved and was able to snap a lovely picture of the nation’s capital. Luca shared the photo on Twitter. The caption read: “I had to wait but it was worth it: a sunny #Dublin! #Ireland #Volare”

Col. Chris Hadfield who was commander during Expedition 35, spent his time in space on social media. Hadfield tweeted photos and videos while orbiting the Earth, he also regularly updated his Tumblr account. The normally bland and average “How To:” instructional style videos became fascinating as soon as “In Space” was added to the equation.

There are around 200 videos on the Canadian Space Agency’s Youtube account and all are as educational as they are entertaining.

The sun certainly was shining on Dublin when Luca captured the unconventional portrait of Dublin.

If Luca continues to take after the last resident of the ISS’s habits, there should be some excellent videos coming soon.