Read more: Call for aid on latest Irish Gaza flotilla effort

The location of the Irish ship, that is part of the aid flotilla set for Gaza, is being kept secret due to fears that Israeli intelligence may be spying on the groups effort.

Last year it was believed that Mossad photographed the Irish aid ship, Rachel Corrie, as prepared for its trip to Gaza at Dundalk, County Louth.

The next multinational aid flotilla is due to set sail in March. Those involved met in Rome in December to finalize details to their schedule.

It’s believed that his trip will involved up to 20 ships including the Rachel Corrie and, Turkish ship, Mavi Maramara. Last year nine crew members were attacked and killed on the Mavi Maramara when Israeli soldiers boarded the ship.

The new Irish boat, which is yet to be named, is currently thought to be somewhere in the Mediterranean. It is likely to be relocated soon.

Fintan Lane of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC), which is organizing the Irish contingent, told the Sunday Tribune “The Israelis don't want this flotilla to sail. They want to stop it. I simply don't trust Israel to act within the law. [The flotilla] could be sabotaged."

He continued "There is absolutely no doubt that the steering committee is being kept under surveillance by the Israeli security service."

Those organizing the flotilla believe there will be a larger number of participants this year following the publicity which surrounded last years Israeli operation and the deaths of nine sailors.

Lane said “The likelihood is that it will be double the number that was there last time and probably more…Israel intended [its intervention last year] as an act of intimidation but it backfired.

"We have a lot more people involved this time around. People are more determined than before, partly because they don't want those who died to have died in vain…People are getting their ships ready. There is a lot to be done," added Lane.

"The point is to make this an even greater challenge to siege and we want to make it as difficult as possible for Israel to stop the flotilla."

This years flotilla will involve ships from Europe, the United States, Canada and Malaysia.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently said that the government was prepared to express regret for the loss of life but would not apologize for the death of the nine Turkish sailors. They insist they were killed in self-defense.

Read more: Call for aid on latest Irish Gaza flotilla effort