Jedward, the young Irish pop duo who are loved and hated in about equal measure worldwide, may have encountered their first truly serious threat.

The Irish Independent has revealed this week that the Irish twins and every other participating group in the annual Eurovision Song Contest to be held in May have been subjected to credible death threats.

An Islamic terrorist group whose members are known to the host country have reportedly said they will target all the participants in the Eurovision song contest in Azerbaijan because they are 'European scum.' The group has also threatened the use of 'knives and chemical weapons' at the contest.

Responding to the dire threats some journalists have scoffed at their choice of target. An annual song and dance show that is watched by millions across the European continent seems like an unlikely target for a militant organization. 

The terror group seemed undaunted by the scorn they generated though, adding in a statement yesterday: 'Blood of the European scum must be shed by the will of Allah.'

The Eurovision Song Contest boasts entries from 42 countries from eastern and western Europe this year, but in their statement the group said the Eurovision is 'a nightmare for all Muslims.' They did not indicate if they were speaking artistically.

A recent crackdown on Azeri militants saw seventeen of its members arrested, with one member blowing himself and a policeman up in recent raids.

According to the Independent Jedward and every other participant in the show will have additional security measures introduced for their protection.

The Azeri government wants to ensure their nation is well represented in the forthcoming broadcast and in preparation they have built the Crystal Hall, a vast new arena which will play host to the event. It is the largest international event ever staged in the country.

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