A former worker at Dunnes Stores in Cork has claimed she was fired because she was told she could not work while wearing the hijab, the traditional muslim headscarf.

Loreta Tavoraite (35), originally from Lithuania, converted to Islam after beginning work in the Cork store. She wanted to wear the hijab but was told that she had to wear a standard uniform.
She is suing Dunnes for unfair dismissal.

Her lawyer Patrick Horan told the Employment Appeals Tribunal that his client was told she "couldn't come to work wearing a hijab."

"As far as she was concerned, being a devout Muslim, you must wear a hijab. It's an obligation," said Mr Horan.

"Her view was I'm ready to work. I want to work, but because of my religion I have to wear a hijab."

In October 2010 Ms Tavoraite met with Dunnes Stores management and explained that her religion mandated she wear the hijab in public.

She was fired from her position in November 6, 2010.