Is this the face of President Barack Obama's closest living Irish relative?

Irish researcher Gabriel Murray says it is.

Murray says that Kilkenny woman Jane de Montmorency Wright is directly related to Obama through the Kearney family from County Offaly.

Jane's great, great, great grandmother was Rose Kearney, a daughter of Bishop Kearney whose connection to Obama has already been defined.

Film maker writer Gabriel Murray discovered the links while researching a book and a documentary  titled "Obama's Irish Roots."

He also discovered that the only standing ancestral home of Obama is the former Bishop's palace, now the Kilkenny Heritage Center.

“Obama’s Irish Roots” included a segment on Bishop John Kearney, a direct descendant of President Obama who is buried in St. Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny city.

Shot in Offaly, Kilkenny, Dublin, Ohio and Indiana, the film traces President Barack Obama’s ancestry along his maternal heritage, a journey of 7,000 miles from Ireland to Hawaii. It covers 1,000 years of his family history.

Obama’s great-great-great-grandfather, Fulmouth Kearney, left his home in Offaly in the 1890s and traveled to Ohio via Baltimore, settling in Indiana. His daughter Mary Ann Kearney married into the Dunham family. She eventually settled in Witchita, Kansas, giving birth to Obama’s grandfather.

Jane de Montmorency Wright of County Kilkenny