With discontent flying high within the Fianna Fail and Fine Gael parties of Ireland, there is now speculation that action will be taken in the coming months to establish a new political party.

This comes after the failed attempt last week to remove Fine Gail leader Enda Kenny.  TDs in both Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are said to be dissatisfied with the direction and leadership of their parties, and the dissidents are debating whether this is the right time for a center or right-of-center based party.

The disgruntled members of parliament believe that there would be the electorate support needed for a new political organization. The polls show they are correct.

According to the Sunday Independent, a nationwide poll found a majority supported the move.  Asked whether a new political party was needed, of the 500 people polled, 51 percent said yes while 49 percent said no.

"Both the main parties and their leaders have failed to provide inspiration during this economic crisis. That is leaving a vacuum, which needs to be filled. It will either be filled or it won't. We will know after summer," one TD told the Sunday Independent.

Speculation that a new party may emerge has been surfacing for over a year.

Said one TD: "The idea is coming from those who believe that the electorate is sick and tired of the current tweedledum tweedledee politics."