Maryland governor Martin O’Malley was one of the big winners on election night and one of the few Democrats to increase his national profile in a positive way.

O’Malley handily won re-election against former governor Bob Ehrlich and in the process put his name on top of a lot of lists as one of the Democratic party’s fastest rising stars.

O’Malley actually increased his total over his last race and won by a whopping 14 points despite a Republican wave across the country.

Presidential speculation about O’Malley in 2016 was already swirling but after winning his second term it definitely seems he may have a shot as a contender in six years time.

He certainly has the political popularity, the looks and the John F.Kennedy image to think about a run. At 47 now he will be plenty young enough in 2016 to take his shot.

Sure people may argue that Maryland is a blue state, but given the scale of the tsunami against Democrats all over the country on November 2nd, his performance was a remarkable one.

Little wonder then that White House talk is already starting to take hold.

O’Malley plays in his own Irish band O’Malley’s March and is an expert on Irish history, he traces his roots to County Mayo.