An Irishwoman has been detained overnight in a Spanish hospital after she was injured in the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona.

The 28-year-old from Portadown was hospitalized with head trauma after one of the bulls hit her.

A local government spokesman has confirmed that the woman was one of four people injured at the world famous festival.

Referred to by in the initials KM in the Navarra government statement, the woman was hurt during the morning run.

The Irish Independent reports that her injuries are not life threatening.

Three Spanish men were also treated for head trauma, rib injuries and abdominal bruising.

Nine people have received hospital treatment for injuries at the 2014 festival.

Dubliner Robert Thackaberry was knocked unconscious at the 2013 run when he was caught in a pile up but he subsequently made a full recovery.

The nine day festival has witnessed 14 fatalities caused by running with bulls over the past 100 years at Pamplona.