THE only reason Cormac MacConnell's column about Sarah Palin in last week’s issue would "get him into hot water" becomes obvious in his third paragraph wherein he utilizes The Almighty in a way that is sinful before all practicing Christians.

Indeed, I'm not surprised after returning from Ireland and hearing the name of God bandied about without hesitation or guilt.  Having said that, I'm also amazed at how poorly informed he and many Irish people are when it comes to the American election process now going on. 
Here in America, the economy and unemployment are at the top of the list. We Americans (both Democrat and Republican) are looking for a viable candidate with good administrative experience.

Palin, while a nice person, doesn't meet the criteria to save a nation brought down to its knees by the current administration (whether you like it or not). The press has been so mesmerized with Palin that it can't see the forest through the trees.

The people of America have become really ticked off at many abusers in government, and we already gave the first indication with the last election both on federal and state levels. Those results were a sheer rebuke of Obama's socialist policies that don't work here.

We see where Obama has been in constant campaign mode even after being elected. He's surrounded himself with buffoons who don't know their butts from their elbows.

Sorry to correct Cormac, but his view is blurred by the true realities of what's going on here. There are good candidates out there who could whip Obama both in debate and at the polls.

Now about to rise to the occasion are Romney, Santorum, Cain, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Perry, Bachmann, etc.   Cormac's “West’s Awake” has been sleeping, and I do hope his west is now awake.

Ed McGovern
Palm Harbor, Florida