Looks like Guinness has a new brand ambassador if they want one – Usher.

The R&B superstar hit Dublin a day in advance of his show at the 3 Arena last Friday and promptly made his way to the famed Guinness Storehouse, the top tourist attraction in the Irish capital.

Usher – also responsible for foisting his protégé Justin Bieber on the world – Instagram-ed a number of pics of himself at the Storehouse, which seems to be his Mecca.

“At the brewery...I hope I fall in a barrel #StillStPatricksDay #luckoftheirish,” he tweeted upon arrival.

There are photos of Usher pulling a pint on his Instagram, and a video he took of getting lost in Dublin. At the end of his off day he took a final video, and not surprisingly he was a little worse for wear. “Too much Guinness…I need to go to sleep,” he said.

Funny stuff. He really seemed to enjoy his two Irish days, and his pints.