Apple CEO Tim Cook and Steve Jobs’ widow Laurene haven’t been too thrilled with the portrayals of Jobs on screen, but Michael Fassbender, who plays the Apple founder in the latest film, says he meant no harm.

Causing the Jobs family angst “did make me hesitate,” Irish-German actor Fassbender told the media.

“I was worried about how their late father, husband and friend would be portrayed and that weighed on my conscience. There was a responsibility, for sure. But I have to get on with my job.

“I approached it with utmost respect for Jobs and his family and by no means did I set out to betray them. If they do see it, I hope they are not hurt by it because that's not my intention.”

Audiences across the country will get a chance to see for themselves this Friday when Steve Jobs opens nationwide. It’s been well reviewed and has done quite well in limited release.