New York Governor: Andrew Cuomo

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is a likely future contender for the presidency who has done much to restore confidence in the ability to get legislation passed in Albany. He was superb on same sex marriage.

His major blemish remains the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, which he created and later abolished when it appeared to be moving too close to some of his operatives

Rob Astorino is an unknown quantity who has little legislative record and continues the tradition of Republican sacrificial lambs in New York statewide races.

We endorse Andrew Cuomo.

New York Attorney General: John Cahill

Republican Cahill is known and admired in the Irish American community, and as attorney general would have far less baggage on Moreland than incumbent Eric Schneiderman, who has remained silent on the one huge issue he has faced. The Bronx-born son of Irish immigrants was chief of staff under former New York Governor George Pataki and has detailed knowledge of the way Albany works.

We endorse John Cahill.

4th Congressional District New York: Kathleen Rice

Democrat Kathleen Rice first came to prominence with her hardline stance against drunk drivers when she took steps to try them for murder. Now the Nassau County District Attorney is running for Carolyn McCarthy’s old seat.

Her opponent is Republican Bruce Blakeman, whose main policy appears to be sending out alarmist messages about national security and real and imagined threats on immigration.

We endorse Kathleen Rice.

2nd Congressional District New York: Peter King

Republican Pete King has been a firm and fast friend of the Irish for decades now and deserves our support.

14th Congressional District New York: Joe Crowley

Joe Crowley has been Ireland’s greatest Democratic supporter in the House. He is also in a senior leadership position and could look forward to being either minority leader or speaker some day. We endorse him.

1st Congressional District New York: Tim Bishop

Republican Lee Zeldin has run a campaign heavy on demonizing immigrants especially children from Central America who arrive here alone. Irish American Tim Bishop is a decent politician who has a moderate view on immigration much more in keeping with his district.

We endorse Tim Bishop.

Massachusetts Governor: Charlie Baker

Democrat Martha Coakley should have been the obvious favorite here but has run yet anther lackluster campaign similar to her squandered race for the U.S. Senate seat held by the late Edward Kennedy. If he wins Charlie Baker will have a Democratic veto proof House and Senate in Massachusetts which should make for creative divided government. There is a good tradition of moderate GOP governors in the state.

We endorse Charlie Baker.

District 5 New Jersey: Roy Cho

Republican Scott Garrett is hardline on immigration even to the point of ending the diversity visa lottery, one of the few ways for an Irish person to immigrate legally to the US. As an Irish American we are disappointed in him.

We endorse his rival Roy Cho, who comes from an Asian immigrant heritage.