If the Oscars were about fashion instead of acting, Saoirse Ronan would have been an overwhelming winner on Sunday. The Irish actress and Brooklyn star was simply stunning in her custom Calvin Klein Collection dress, emerald green in color because of the 21-year-old’s desire to pay homage to her heritage.

Saoirse’s Oscar date was her mother Monica, and though Brie Larson took home the statuette for Room, there’s no question that Saoirse is now well and truly a part of Hollywood’s A list.

She’s also quickly becoming a fashion icon with regular features in Vogue, which on Sunday detailed the process of creating her dazzling Oscar look which wound up on all the best dressed lists.

The incredible Saoirse Ronan has arrived. #Oscars pic.twitter.com/ZnQv1ihkza

— Vulture (@vulture) February 29, 2016
“They took into account how I felt in the dress; how I moved, how comfortable I was, and if it reflected me and pushed the boundaries a little bit more than we had done before,” said Ronan of the three fittings with Calvin Klein’s creative director Francisco Costa.

She’s also likely started a new trend by wearing two different earrings: one, a strand of pearls, the other emeralds. Both, made by Chopard, cost in the millions.

Her blonde mane was equally divine, the look cooked up by hairstylist Adir Abergal who told Us Weekly that “the style is a total departure for her. It was really about finding the sensuality and sexuality, and [creating an] iconic moment for her. She’s not a kid anymore!”

Saoirse Ronan looks unreal ☺ We have our fingers crossed that she brings home a gold man��Them earrings doe �� #oscars pic.twitter.com/lJSu91hSnQ

— Stellar Magazine (@stellarmagazine) February 28, 2016
Ain’t that the truth! But Saoirse’s stylist, Elizabeth Saltzman, ensured her star didn’t walk the red carpet looking like, well … any number of trashy wannabes we could think of.

“It’s really important not to make Saoirse look any different to who she is. She’s a 21-year-old woman. She’s not looking for attention in the wrong way -- it’s all about talent with her and the clothes just have to work on the woman,” said Saltzman, who revealed that the gown, which would surely retail for thousands, was a gift from the designer.

“I’ve packed it up and sent it to her mum in Dublin. You’re only 21 and at the Oscars once. You need to archive that dress and remember that moment.”