I READ the story in last week’s issue about Charlie Sheen and his poor father Martin trying his best to explain his deranged son’s mental and addiction issues.

Since last week, Charlie’s behavior has spiraled dangerously out of control.  He is a man surrounded by users and hangers on, when what he really needs is expert medical attention to deal with his many problems – addiction we know of, but he also seems to be bi-polar and schizophrenic.

The media is feeding on his every word. This is totally wrong. If we all ignore Sheen maybe he will get the help he so badly needs.

I feel terrible for his poor father Martin Sheen, who can only stand idly by as his son literally self-destructs in public.  He must be heartbroken and fearful for his son’s life.

If the media and Internet stop paying attention to Charlie Sheen then he will stop his public meltdown, and take guidance from professionals. 
So please, Irish Voice and every other media outlet out there, stop grabbing cheap Charlie Sheen headlines just for sales.  This is a very, very sick and self-destructive man who needs to take care of his mind, body and soul.

The only thing he seems to be hungry for is publicity, when judging by his looks he needs a good feed of healthy food to start, followed by a long period away from the spotlight.  Give him a chance to start healing, please.

Elizabeth Murphy
Manhasset, New York