Poor Sinead O’Connor is really struggling these days and doesn’t seem to have properly healed – either mentally or physically – from the hysterectomy she had a couple of months ago.

She’s pouring her emotions out on her Facebook account, and seems very despondent. On Sunday she said she was going to check herself back into hospital.

“This time when the receptionist asks me what’s wrong with me I’m just gonna come right out and say it, my heart is broken. As alone as I’ve ever been, I’ve never been so lonely. As afraid as I’ve ever been, I’ve never been so frightened,” she wrote.

“The life I’m being offered, I can’t live. But I want to live A life, and am determined to live A life. I just need help to create one … Paralyzed with fear, shock, loss and bereavement. Shutters closed, lights off. No notes coming in the letterbox. I can’t take it any more. I need a new life. I deserve to have been cherished. I gotta cherish myself.”

On Monday, she posted an update saying thanking her followers and saying that she’s getting help. Good luck to her.