Sarah Jessica Parker gushed about her love of Ireland when she co-hosted the Irish Repertory Theatre’s gala last month, and sure enough she and her family – hubby Matthew Broderick and their three kids – decamped to their holiday home in Kilcar, Co. Donegal these past couple of weeks to chill in private.

The locals respected their privacy, according to several media reports on Monday which detailed the family’s excursion to a little café in Bridgend for an Irish breakfast fry.

“I nearly choked on my sausage when I saw Sarah Jessica Parker walking across the car park. They came in, grabbed a table in the corner and ordered breakfast with the kids,” a source told the Belfast Telegraph.

The real life Carrie Bradshaw actually ate a full Irish. And she did so in peace.

“We were all star-struck but at the same time no one wanted to bother them by asking for pictures. But some took a few sneaky snaps as they sat across the room,” the source added.

“They chatted away to the staff who couldn’t believe they were serving up frys to two of the world’s biggest film stars.”