I hope you do a follow-up to the article in last week’s Irish Voice on one of Ireland's most powerful voices, Sinead O'Connor.

She is reaching out for help out of frustration with being a single mom. It must be a shock to many who are just learning that Donal Lunny gave her a baby boy while still in marriage.

I for one have always imagined Lunny to be the nicest guy with a heart as big as the Island itself. I love anything he touches musically. He has an amazing background and a great influence on the Irish music scene and beyond.

I would guess the two soul mates of the music came together for some intimacy while they were creating the landmark album Sean-Nos Nua, a fine piece of work that showcases Sinead's power with traditional material.

I almost came within two feet of meeting O'Connor once at the last Guinness New York City fleadh on Randall's Island. She was flying from backstage to limo. I foolishly imagined I could say some things to her that would help her in her quest for some peace and understanding.

She has more gut nerve then 20 men. When we are troubled we make some poor impulsive decisions as we go along.

I wish O'Connor great success bringing father and son together.  May love prevail.

Bill Molloy
Poughquag, New York