IN recent weeks the Irish Voice has done a fine job of covering the plight the Irish face on both sides of the Atlantic  Ocean.

The one thing that stands out is the Irish people do much better on the U.S. side of this story, and how living in Ireland is all too hard and wished they had stayed in the grand old USA.

The cover of a recent issue of the Irish Voice showed the success story of an Irish plumber who moved to New York, and was set up quickly working six days  a week. His wife even had the gall to say, “School books are free."

The point the Irish Voice left out of these well-informed success stories is life is good "when it’s tax free!"

We all would have loads of money if we didn't have to pay income tax. The people in your story now get to send their children to our schools on our dime, and we pay the freight for free education.

The Irish are only a small percentage of  this black market in the U.S., and there are no easy  solutions. I myself can offer none.

But if I could rent out my  home in Ireland fly to New York and work tax free, and send my children to school free, please sign me up.  I’ll suck the life out of the U.S., too!

S. Cassidy
Farmingville, New York