Even big stars like Niall Horan get star-struck. The sole Irish member of One Direction had a rather unfortunate reaction when he first met Justin Timberlake – he nearly swallowed his own vomit!

Now that 1D has wrapped its latest world tour, they’ve gotta spin something else to make the coffers swell even more. Right on cue their managers came up with a book called Who We Are which was released this week.

The book – an autobiography by the five guys which reveals “never before released” secrets (yawn!) – has a passage from Niall in which he remembers meeting JT, one of the original great boy-banders who broke from his ‘N Sync to forge a wildly successful solo career.

“To make matters worse, as he walked off, Justin Timberlake came over to say hello and I was absolutely bricking it by then, nearly swallowing my own puke,” Niall reveals in the book.

Okay, so he’s not going to win any awards for brilliant prose … but at least things went a bit better for Niall, now 21, when he met Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama.

“Around that time we also met Michelle Obama, and I have to say she was unbelievable. Her daughters were lovely too,” he said. “They’re the most humble people ever and were made to be the President’s daughters. I’m a huge Obama fan -- I even have a statue of him in my back garden!”