A group of Dublin bus drivers struck the wheel of fortune when they scooped €23.8 million in the Euro-lotto.

Several of the group of 22 turned up for work on Monday, after their big Friday night win.

Not a single passenger was aware they were being driven by a millionaire as the winning group maintained anonymity.

There were 21 bus drivers and a bus inspector in the group. All worked out of the mid-Dublin Broadstone depot. Most are in their fifties and a few are close to retirement.

Unbelievably, another syndicate based at the same depot clinched €6,700 in an earlier draw.

One of them said, “About 50 of us were in that syndicate so we were looking at around €130 each. We thought that was pretty good and then this happened.”

The giant lotto winners get more than €1 million each. Dublin Bus chief executive officer Ray Coyne said, “I am delighted for each and every one of our employees in the syndicate, and for their families.”

Dublin Bus drivers’ Euromillions hasn’t been collected for the most Irish reason ever https://t.co/ehcONUEsd7 pic.twitter.com/DqA2woy2n5

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The syndicate has been together 15 years and they have worked on Dublin Bus for an average 30 years.

Former Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke spoke about how happy he was to hear of such good news happening in his constituency.

“It’s great to see it was workers who have been giving out tickets all their lives that finally got the right one,” he said.

The National Lottery, which handles the Euro-lotto sales and prizes, said it had word the winners would wait a few days before collecting.