The up and coming young actress Lily Collins – she starred in the Snow White film 'Mirror Mirror' last year and also 'The Blind Side' previous to that – is currently in Ireland filming 'Love, Rosie,' based on the popular novel by Irish writer Cecelia Ahern.

“Oh I’ve never been to Ireland before,” the British-born Collins told The Irish Times last weekend.   “The weather seems to have got over its schizophrenic thing. The sun’s out. It’s great.”

Collins is the daughter of Phil Collins, the drummer who started the rock band Genesis before embarking on a hugely successful solo career.  She spent much of her growing up years in the U.S. with her mother, and has been working in Ireland for the past few weeks. 

“Cecilia is wonderful,” Collins said of Ahern, daughter of former Irish Prime Minister Bertie. “She is such a lovely lady. It’s wonderful to have the creator on the set with you to share the excitement.”

'Love, Rosie' also stars Sam Claflin, another rising star out of Britain. It’s due for release next year and tells the story of best friends Rosie and Alex, who are separated when Alex’s family moves from Dublin to the U.S. 

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