Liam Neeson has employed his fair share of guns in his action movies, but off the set the Northern Irish actor is very much in favor of gun control for the U.S. given the huge number of people killed each year.

"I am totally for gun control in the U.S. The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying,” Neeson told the U.K. Independent.

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“Every day we're seeing some kid running rampant in a school. And do you know what the gun lobby's response to Newtown was? The National Rifle Association's official response was, 'If that teacher had been armed...' It's crazy.”

The Second Amendment to the Constitution, Neeson reckons, has a lot to answer for.

“I think if the Founding Fathers knew what was happening they would be turning in their graves with embarrassment at how that law has been interpreted,” he said.

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