I JUST wanted you to know how much I enjoy Mike Farragher’s “Narrowback's Corner” in the Irish Voice.

We read the Irish Voice from cover to cover each week and have for a number of years.  My husband and I have made nine trips to Ireland and loved everyone and made a number of good friends.  

My great grandparents came from Ballymena, Co. Antrim in 1857.  They were Scots that had been dumped over there when the English needed the land their crofts were on in the 1600s.  

Of course they were Presbyterians, thus the beginnings of the troubles.  But they were there for 200 years and picked up much of the culture that still pops up in the family today.

I loved the tribute that Mike gave to his grandmother in a recent column.  All us grannies are a pushover for a sweet grandson.

Barb Breternitz
Dove Creek, Colorado