Courteney Cox and her Northern Irish rocker fiancé Johnny McDaid haven’t set a wedding date yet, but it appears they’re inching closer.

Courteney, 51, is quoted in Britain’s Sun tabloid as saying that British pop star Ed Sheeran, who introduced the couple, would sing at their wedding.

“We are certainly grateful to Ed for introducing us. I can't imagine him not playing something at the wedding,” the Friends star said, adding that she hoped her wedding would be “a musical night” with appearances by other notables as well.

The couple were engaged last June, and Courteney tells Closer magazine that her 11-year-old daughter Coco – dad is her ex-hubby David Arquette – is taking an active role in organizing the shindig.

“Johnny and I are still in the planning stage, although Coco wants to be a wedding planner and has taken over! We’re in no rush but we’d like to do it sometime soon…more for Coco who can’t wait to be a bridesmaid,” the future bride said.

While the actress has felt the pressure to go chemical to preserve her youthful looks, she says McDaid, 39, couldn’t give a toss and loves her for what’s inside.

“It’s no secret I’ve had some Botox in the past, but I won’t go under the knife. Johnny isn’t into that whole Hollywood look anyway, so I don’t feel pressure to keep looking like a 20 year old for him,” she says.

McDaid is also responsible for hooking up his intended with her latest gig – directing a video for the Irish rock band Kodaline, who’ve amassed quite a following in Ireland and the U.K. and would doubtless like to do the same here. Their single “Love Will Set You Free” captivated her so much that she insisted on directing the video.

“The song is incredibly beautiful. After hanging out with the guys and getting to know their personalities, I knew I wanted to direct this video and really showcase who they are as individuals and as musicians,” Courteney revealed.