"ASSURANCES on export of greyhounds to China" will be given, according to the Irish Greyhound Board.

This spells out the controversy surrounding the board’s proposal to export Irish greyhounds to China for racing, regardless of China's wretched record of animal welfare.

I can't think of much that would cast a bigger, darker shadow on Ireland than the photos and video that are bound to come back to haunt the Irish if this trade goes forward.  As Mark Beazley of the Dogs' Trust said, "These aren't bags of potatoes.”

There is a growing animal welfare movement in China. People there will be on the look out and will document and expose the brutality that is inevitable given the real lack of welfare safeguards.

The Irish breeders sold their greyhounds to Spain for years despite the damning evidence brought to the public's attention about the wretched conditions for the greyhounds on the Spanish tracks.  That trade finally dwindled dramatically when the real estate the tracks occupied was more lucrative as real estate instead of seedy dog tracks.

Sending greyhounds to China is a pivotal decision for the Irish.  If the proposal goes ahead the haunting wails of abandoned dogs will be heard and will indicate the depths of Irish greed.  
What goes around, comes around...

Louise Coleman
Greyhound Friends
Hopkinton, Massachusetts